X Factor final: duets

Unless you've been buried in a ten-foot snow ditch, then you will be aware that this Saturday is the X Factor live final. Yessss! An evening of excitement, adreneline, followed by fury, and calls to Ofcom. You might be wondering who the finalists will be dueting with, while praying that it's not Michael Buble and Westlife. For the millionth time.

A source told The Daily Mail, 'There has been a lot of talk about Eminem. That would really give us an amazing moment on the show, like when Beyoncé sang with Alex Burke. Eminem would be a massive coup for us. And he’s not out of our reach. It would be one of those moments we will still be talking about in years to come.'

According to insiders, Christina Augilera, Robbie Williams and Rihanna will also return to the show. They're bringing out the big guns. Boyzone will be gutted...

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