X Factor Crime Stats

As people wake up with an X-Factor hangover from hell and ponder what the hell they’ll do to fill the void in their weekends, in a moment of transparency ITV have released the voting percentages for the series. The stats make for interesting reading, showing that 2009 champ Joe McElderry wiped the floor with runner up Olly Murs with 61.3% of the public votes last night, compared to Olly’s 38.7%.

Other insightful numbers show that emotional rollercoaster Danyl (who was 4th in the contest) was more popular than first thought, topping the charts three of the twelve weeks. Essex lad Olly was never top.

No surprise was that Jedward only just managed to scrap through every week. Not even in the name of cringe-worthy entertainment and miles of column inches would the British public willingly vote for the twins Grimm.

Check out all the stats here

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