X Factor contract shambles

Any follower of X Factor gossip, and celeb nonsense in general, will be aware that the show's contract negotiations have rumbled along for the last decade. Will Cheryl head off to the US of A? Will Simon ditch his loyal Blighty viewers in order to concentrate on the American version? Well, according to the UK producer of the X Factor, it looks like Simon may well abandon us for our friends across the pond with whiter teeth.

Interviewed on Richard Bacon's Five Live show, asked whether Cowell would return to the panel Peter Fincham said, 'It has to remain speculation. The X Factor is coming back and is back in the ITV schedule this autumn. Simon will be closely involved with it as he is always involved with it. I don’t want to sound like an evasive politician, but I’m not in a position to confirm or deny any of the individuals to be sitting in those chairs or on the X Factor this autumn.’ Richard asked, ‘Simon Cowell has yet to agree to appear in the next series?’ While Fincham replied, ‘We have an agreement which has been publicly announced for both the X Factor and Britain’s Got Talent. They will be on ITV screen for the next three years.'

When Bacon declared that the show would be a disaster without Cowell to preside over the shenanigans, Fincham said, 'No, of course it wouldn’t and you shouldn’t look at it that way Richard. The show will be there and when we’re ready to announce who will be on it we will announce who’s on it.’ Got that?

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