X Factor bosses blame contestants for ratings fall

The X Factor production team are reported to have blamed the show's contestants for the fall in ratings over the last few weeks.

The Daily Mirror reports that Frankie Cocozza, Janet Devlin and Kitty Brucknell were all told off for not working hard enough.

Already this year's edition of the reality show has had a few bumps in the road with some strange performances and production decisions and the show's ratings have suffered as a result.

Adding to the show's problems the X Factor house, where the remaining contestants live, was judged to be a fire risk forcing the production team to move the 12 remaining finalists to new accommodation.

And now it appears that the show's production team believe that the contestants' lack of effort and complacency are to blame for the fall in viewers.

'The acts were told, 'If you want to be a star, you’ve got to start acting like one', an insider told the Mirror. 'The lack of effort from some contestants has been disgraceful.'

'It was a pretty fiery talking to from some of the senior production staff. The acts were told in no uncertain terms what was expected of them. The producers are worried about the criticism the show has faced this series, and they worry the acts this year are not keeping the audience entertained.'

The unnamed source continued: 'Viewers can't even remember the names of several acts, and too many of them seem disinterested. They arrive at the studios for rehearsals half asleep, looking bored and still wearing their slippers.'

'Bosses have told them to buck their ideas up and start behaving like future pop stars, before the public ignore them completely.'

The X Factor is back on ITV1 this Saturday at 8pm.

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