X Factor board to decide Dannii's fate

There was a time, an innocent time, when an X Factor series would end at Christmas and our lives would resume until the summer when - bang! - it would explode back into our sorry existence, like a tacky, but wonderful, meteorite. Not any more. Now X Factor is a permanent presence. When it's not on, we're debating which judges will remain on the panel, and now - what their salaries are. Soon we'll get to see their appraisals and end of year bonuses.

According to the Mirror the big pay meeting is today and Dannii Minogue is the top item on the agenda. 'This meeting is the first step to getting Dannii back on the show. If a solution can be worked out she will be here again at the live stages. We are very very keen for her to come back so at this stage, it doesn’t look like her pregnancy is going to present any problems we can’t work around. Dannii staying is now the preferred option and that means someone has to fill in for her. The show has to strive to be bigger and better each year and so special guests and big names stars can help lift the initial episodes before the lives stages. It will give fans even more to talk about.'

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