X Factor batters Strictly Come Dancing

It looks like the BBC have finally admitted defeat against their arch nemesis The X-Factor and are moving Strictly Come Dancing to an earlier time slot.

The two monsters of Saturday night telly (and we’re not talking John & Edward) have been going head to head this series, much to the annoyance of fans of both shows, (although, really, Sky+ anyone?) It's even prompted Simon Cowell to call the bickering “petty”.

The X-Factor has been safely trumping Strictly in the much-hyped ratings war by approximately 4 millions viewers each week and has now forced the Beeb to bring their middle class show forward by 45 minutes to 6.50pm. But with Strictly now finishing at 8.45pm and The X-Factor starting at 8pm, it's only a hollow victory.

"It looks like they're running scared" said the obligatory ‘reliable’ source in The Sun. The BBC have denied this, obviously. The new Saturday schedule fox-trots are to take place on the 31st October.

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