X-Factor 2013: Week 4 The Last Chance Saloon!

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This weekend saw the last of the auditions. A final chance to impress the judges for a pass to Boot Camp. In usual X-Factor style there was a fair share of dodgy contestants but equally some treats who sailed straight through.

One of the most cringe worthy of the weekend has to have been Green Boots who seemed to have spent the entire wait for the Judges looking longingly into each other’s eyes and with lots of public displays of affection. Unfortunately their duet didn't manage a note in tune and the Judges quickly sent the couple heading off into the sunset. May they live happily ever after – just not on X-Factor.

A distinct lack of love was evident with Hannah Sheares band mates of Daisy Chain when Gary advised that they would not move forward in the competition unless Hannah wanted to do so as a solo singer. She seemed to have lost two best friends but on the positive made it through her arena audition as a solo audition and we await her chances at Boot Camp.

Thankfully there was a fair share of good quality groups passing through the audition stages this weekend including Tenors of Rock, Brick City and, despite the lead singer Seesee being offered a place in the girls’ category, Dynamix were all through to the Boot Camp stages. Will Seesee regret that decision later in the competition? Only time will tell.

With what seems to be a weekly theme of the auditions we got our dose of previous contestant in the form of Joseph Whelan who made it as far as Boot Camp last year but failed to progress. He returned this year with his cute little son in tow and wowed the crowd with Sweet Child of Mine to book another place in Boot Camp this year.

The young ladies will be happy to see that Sam Callahan swaggered his way to boot camp as well as Giles Potter, who barely scraped through after a cocky performance (and less impressive lyrics) resulted in a pep talk from Gary behind the stage – he certainly has a bit to do in Boot Camp!

Age showed no boundaries as we saw the group Nostalgics – ranging in age from 68 to 94 - make it through the audition room and if you were tuned in to the Xtra Factor make it all the way to Boot Camp.

The shy and unassuming Paul Akister was the last to take to the stage in the arena auditions and he was like a man possessed as he blew the crowd away.

With that the auditions are over and we are moving to the Boot Camp stage of the competition. There is a new format for Boot Camp, with 6 seats in each category and everyone vying for a place on them so the competition will be immense! Tune in again next weekend to see the action X-Factor ITV1 Saturday at 8.20pm and Sunday 7.30pm.

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