X-Factor 2013: Live show 8 Juke box Week

With one week to go to semi-finals the five remaining contestants were eager to pull out all the stops to ensure their place in it. This week they had two songs to sing in what is dubbed Juke Box week and so the pressure was on. The public got the opportunity to choose one of the songs, well, vote on the X-Factor app from a list of three songs. Each contestant sang one song before round two commenced with all of them up again with their second performance.

Nicholas McDonald was up first with his public choice. The public chose “Just the way you are” for him. Maybe they like him just the way he is. Maybe that is a good omen. For his second, his own choice, he did “Greatest Day” from Take That and Louis compared him to a young Gary Barlow.

Sam Bailey was singing her own choice, Whitney Houston’s “How will I know”, first which was, in true Sam style, effortless. The public choose “Clown” for her second song performance and again she didn’t fail to impress. The judge’s just can’t find any negatives. What can be said about Sam? She is faultless every week. No doubt she can almost see the X-Factor crown in the distance.

Tamera Foster was on a bad run of forgetting her lyrics. Unsurprisingly, for her own choice she picked Rhianna’s “We found love” which has all of about 20 words repeated over and over again. If she had forgotten those words I don’t think anyone would have forgiven her. She managed to remember the words. Sad to think that remembering her words meant she had a good performance. The public were kind with choosing a song she had sung before – "The first time I ever saw your face" - so had presumably learnt the words already. The judges were happy with her performance.

Luke Friend was given “Skinny Love” to sing by the public and to be fair he did a good job. For his own choice Luke performed “I will wait”The Mumford and Sons classic - and he had everyone up on his feet. The judge’s seemed surprised how well he has progressed and he got great comments. He may be the one to watch. He will have made it to the final without anyone noticing!

Rough Copy were last to perform for both of their songs and first they gave us a medley of two songs including "Every Little Step and She’s Got That Vibe" and in usual Rough Copy fashion bounced around the stage which Sharon didn’t like and Louis was less than impressed. Having been in the bottom two last week they were likely feeling on edge at this point. For their second song they performed "I believe I can fly".

Over to Sunday and previous contestants Rebecca Ferguson and James Arthur were the celebrity guests. Both have new releases and James was looking to repair some PR damage of recent weeks which included some homophobic comments and abuse of his X Factor champion status for which he was pushed into an apology.

Votes in and the first act through was Rough Copy, quickly followed by Sam Bailey and then the final act safe was Nicholas McDonald. A Tamera and Luke sing off and boy did they deliver. Two sing-for-your-life performances. Luke in particular really blew the crowd away. The judges had a tough choice and predictably Nicole and Louis saved their own acts so it was down to Sharon and Gary. Sharon opted to send Tamera home and Gary was torn. He went to deadlock. First deadlock of the season. The public had the power to choose. It was bye bye Tamera. The one time favourite is out.

Semi-final week next Saturday ITV1 at 8pm with results Sunday on ITV1 at 8pm.

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