X-Factor 2013: Live show 6 Great British Songbook

So another week has rolled around and it is time for another round of X-Factor. This week it was the Great British Songbook. The contestants were choosing from the best of British song writing.

There are only seven contestants left and the show kicked off with Hannah Barrett singing, rather appropriately “Can’t get no satisfaction” from the Rolling Stones. And she certainly tried. And she tried. And she tried. Having been in the bottom two a couple of times now she did her best to connect with the audience. The judges were kind and she seemed happy. Which was better than her frequent tears.

Luke Friend did a reasonable job with Elton John’s “Your Song”. Nicole compared his performance to his hair which was a worrying moment but turned out to be a complement.

Sam Bailey was up next and it seems that she can do no wrong. Results of public votes so far were released and it turns out she has been stealing the show by a mile. This may be the poison chalice but the bookies may just have to revise their previous favourite of Tamera Foster. Sam performed “Something”. Nicole wasn’t as enamoured as previous weeks so maybe the shine has faded or maybe the results of the public vote have influenced the Judges’ comments. Either way she has a phenomenal voice.

Rough Copy were up next with their version of “Viva La Vida” and again comments were mixed which was unusual for Rough Copy who usually nail it each week.

Sam Callahan, who seemed to be doing well in the public vote despite the Judges’ weekly criticism performed the classic George Michael hit “Faith”. He better have some faith as he seemed to go off key this week – blamed on a technical hitch for not hearing the backing track but Gary was kind.

Tamera Foster was the shock of the night. She fluffed her lines. She did it back in Boot Camp but since then had learnt her lesson. Until tonight. Blasting out her version of “Diamonds are Forever” she froze mid song. She composed herself and completed her performance but having been in the bottom two previously she left the stage knowing she was on borrowed time.

Closing the show was Nicolas McDonald with Adele’s “Someone like you”. A big song performed well.

With no flash vote it was over to Sunday night to await the voting results. There was money from voting this week being donated to the Typhoon Haiyan appeal. The usual celebrities were up and this week saw Miley Cyrus perform her latest hit Wreaking Ball and Gary Barlow changed hats from judge to celebrity guest to promote his new single and it was then time to reveal the bottom two. This week it turned out to be two of Louis’ boys with Luke and Sam Callahan winding up in the bottom two. Before they even sang the odds were against Sam and unsurprisingly the Judges unanimously voted Sam Callahan to say goodbye this weekend.

X-Factor is back at 8pm next Saturday night on ITV1 with the results show Sunday at 8pm also on ITV1

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