X-Factor 2013: Live show 5 Big Band Week

It’s the half-way point of X-Factor 2013. Five weeks gone and five to go but who was to go this week? It was Big Band week which meant a large live band playing classic songs which most contestants probably never heard of.

Up first was Abi Altonwho ditched the glasses for her rendition of “That’s Life”. It wasn’t a bad effort but comments were mixed which is always worrying for any contestant.

Just as we were settling in for some more action an early ad break featured the TV unveiling of the John Lewis Christmas ad featuring a cover of Snow Patrol’s Somewhere only we know during a cute animation sequence that could have been an episode of Winnie the Poo.

Back to the action and Sam Bailey was up next. Having had a week where she rubbed shoulders with Michael Bolton, she performed “New York, New York” and was right at home in front of a Big Band. She certainly knows how to belt them out – she is becoming a real contender at this stage.

Wee Nicolas McDonald was nervous about performing in front of a big band – something he had never done before - and as the show’s Baby Bublé expectations were high. Performing “Dream a Little Dream” Nicolas didn’t fail to impress.

Luke Friend did surprisingly well last week but as a Rock singer Big Band is not exactly in his comfort zone. He gave us “Moon dance” and didn’t exactly impress the judges who gave him some criticism. It wasn’t his week this week.

Hannah Barrett gave a strong rendition of “This is a Man’s World” and her comments from the Judge’s will likely leave her happy with her performance – always a worrying situation as we move to the downhill strait towards the final next month.

Rough Copy, Gary’s last remaining act, performed “Hit the Road Jack” with their own style evident in what was a strong performance from the threesome.

Tamera Foster, saved by the Judge’s last week, gave a huge performance of “Cry me a River”. Of course while a great singer there really is something just not there with her. Sharon believes she needs to let herself go. That said she is a bookies favourite.

Before the final contestant Sam Callahan performed we saw Simon Cowell appear in a VT in front of the 8 remaining contestants (presumably in rehearsals) where he announced that all eight of them will be featuring in the X-Factor tour which kicks off in January. Back to Sam Callahan and he came out all guns blazing with “Ain’t that a kick in the head” and seemed to get in the spirit of Big Band week but Gary was less than impressed and his non-committal comments spoke a thousand words.

Lines opened but no flash vote. We awaited Sunday night’s show to see who was in the bottom two. Before we found out who that was to be there it was the regular celebrity performances and this week saw Celine Dionand Robbie Williams take to the stage, with Robbie performing on an elaborate boat set, to promote their new singles.

The bottom two were then revealed and it was a bad night for Nicole as Hannah Barrett, with a second time in the bottom two, ending up facing Abi Alton. Abi was on stage first an emotional Lego House and Hannah followed with Miley Cyrus’ Wreaking Ball.

Over to the judge’s and Nicole chose to abstain leaving the vote to Gary, Sharon and Louis. With Gary and Sharon choosing Abi that was it for her time on X-Factor. Hannah lives to fight another show but Abi is gone.

Join again next Saturday with the next X-Factor live show at 8pm on ITV1 followed by the results show on Sunday night at 8pm also ITV1.

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