X-Factor 2013: Live show 4 Disco night

It’s hard to believe we are already at week four of live shows. Three contestants gone and this weekend Disco night was to see another bite the dust. Like Movie night last week, Disco night is another X-Factor staple theme. This week the remaining nine contestants were to step back in time to get groovy with some disco beats. X-Factor producers obviously missed the fact it was Halloween a few days ago and there was no sight of dress up, face paint or any scary theme.

The show opened with a performance from Chic featuring Nile Rodgers which included a melody of classic disco tunes. For the contestants, first up on stage was Luke Friend who actually did get into the spirit of things with “Play that funky music” and managed some positive responses from the judges’.

Kingland Road, who narrowly missed elimination a couple of weeks ago danced their way through “Blame it on the boogie” and were probably thinking they would blame it on the boogie if they ended up eliminated.

Tamera Foster was up next and with a little predictably did another ballad in the form of “Wishing on a Star”. Of course she seems invincible and is still holding the favourite title despite their being something a little unlikeable about her.

Sam Callahan is still hanging on to his place in X-Factor live shows most likely due to his pretty boy appeal and was brave enough to sing a song performed by Take That – “Relight my Fire”. He certainly may have wondered if that move would pay off. The judges’ certainly weren’t too impressed but he gave as good as he got fighting his corner hard.

Rough Copy seem to be strong and steady each week and gave a solid performance again with Earth Wind and Fire’s "September".

Abi Alton, having had a disastrous week last week, was going to be “stripped back” by Nicole. She performed the well-known disco number “I will survive” – a sentiment she was literally willing to be the case.

Nicolas McDonald got into the disco groove with Michael Jackson’s “Rock with you” – despite it being well before his time.

Hannah Barrett, having missed being eliminated last week against Miss Dynamix, attempted to retrieve the situation with “Someone else’s guy” – the Jocelyn Brown classic.

Sam Bailey was last up and it usual Sam style belted out “Enough is Enough”. That was it for X-Factor Saturday night show. The new Flash vote was shelved this week. Producers are saying it was to allow time for the Chic featuring Nile Rodgers performance but of course sceptics will say it wasn’t working out and old format will resume for the rest of the live shows. Time will tell but for this week anyway it meant that we had to wait for Sunday night to find out who was in the bottom two.

The Sunday night show featured the usual celebrity performances and this week it was the turn of X-Factor graduates Little Mix who kicked off the show and Taylor Swift and Gary Lightbody of Snow Patrol fame performed a duo. The bottom two were then revealed in old X-Factor style and in a shock result Tamera Foster had to face Kingsland Road in the sing off.

Kingsland Road took to the stage first performing James Morrison’s “I won’t let you go” and Tamera Foster sang Whitney Houston’s “I have nothing”. The judges’ were left with a tough decision with Gary proclaiming the public got it wrong – well actually Gary maybe they just got it right! With Gary and Nicole saving their own acts it was down to Sharon and Louis to decide and it was Kingsland Road who were left to say goodbye.

X-Factor is back next week with Big Band week ITV1 8pm Saturday followed by the results show at 8pm Sunday on ITV1.

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