X-Factor 2013: Bootcamp!

This weekend was X-Factor bootcamp! The intermediate stage of the competition where the talented have been selected but identifying the cream of the crop takes place. Boot camp this year took on a new twist. Those that had progressed through arena auditions performed for the judges in part 1 of Boot camp with only half of the original 100 making it through. Some notable losses at this point were Dynamix and Justin Peng. Those that remained went on to the second part of Bootcamp – a fight for one of 6 seats in their assigned category and a place in Judges house’s which was to be determined by the category judge (Nicole Scherzinger for the Girls, Sharon Osborne for the Over 25’s, Louis Walsh for the Boys and Gary Barlow for the Groups).

For Nicole’s girls we saw Hannah Seares, who dropped her band mates in favour of a shot at a solo career sent home after she failed to get a seat, as was a devastated Stephanie Woods. No amount of pressure from Sharon could help her. Karen Harding and Lydia Lucy took the first two seats but in a cruel twist they later lost those seats when Nicole picked Melanie McCabe and Abi Alton to replace them. After some outpouring of emotion Sheena McHugh took a seat that she too was later to loose and the final six to go forward to Judge’s houses for Nicole in the Girls category were: Melanie McCabe, Jade Richards, Tamera Foster, Hannah Barrett, Abi Alton and Relley Clark.

Sharon, with her Overs quickly put Sam Bailey, Sabrina Rumikie and Joseph Whelan through to the seats. We had to wait until the second show on Sunday to see Shelly Smith wowed the judges (as well as her little girl) with a rendition of Respect and took her seat in the top 6. It started getting interesting as suddenly Katie Markham and Andrea Magee both impressed and took seats. Unfortunately for Sabrina Rumikie and Katie Markham, Lorna Simpson and Zoe Devlin came along to take their seats and the final 6 for Sharon are: Sam Bailey, Zoe Devlin, Andrea Magee, Lorna Simpson, Shelley Smith, Joseph Whelan

Impressing Gary was Brick City, Kingsland, Code 4 and Xyra who all made it through. Rough copy had to lose a band member as paperwork was obviously still not in order for one band member to travel should they make it through so he gracefully stepped out of the band. They did make it through and will travel to Judges house’s without him. Rumours are rife that he may rejoin the band if they make it to live shows. Next of Kin, looking for a second chance at fame and who really impressed at audition stage failed to make it through to Judges houses. In what is becoming X-Factor tradition there was a band formed from unsuccessful contestants called Stop, Look, Listen. Consisting of Seesee of Dynamix (a band that didn’t progress at Bootcamp) as well as Jeanette Akua and Rielle Carrington from the Girls category. They managed to make it through to Judges houses with Kings of Tenors losing out. Gary’s final group line up for Judges house’s being: Brick City, Code 4, Kingsland, Rough Copy, Stop Look Listen, Xyra

Finally Louis’s boys kicked off to a great start with Sam Callahan taking the first seat and the shy but soulful singer Paul Akister taking the second. Alejandro Fernandez Holt managed to take the third seat with Luke Friend (probably still with unwashed hair) quickly taking the fourth. With only two seats left Ryan Mathie took the fifth seat and eventually a tearful Giles Potter took the last seat. He didn’t stop crying through the final two performances when Tom Mann gave a good performance but was sent home. The best was certainly kept for last when Nicolas McDonald took to the stage. After what seemed to be a staid performance he broke out and really rocked the arena and Louis couldn’t but put him in the final six. Of course someone had to go and unfortunately Alejandro was the unfortunate one. The final boys’ line up for Louis being Paul Akister, Sam Callahan, Luke Friend, Ryan Mathie, Nicholas McDonald, Giles Potter

Was the new format a welcome change? Or as many believe a cruel way to determine those to go forward. Whatever the view 24 contestants are now through and next weekend it’s Judges house’s. The fight will be on to become one of the 12 to make it to the live shows that commence on 12th October and will dominate the run up to Christmas. Tune in again next Saturday and Sunday to see who will be filling your living room every Saturday night on ITV 1 Saturday at 8pm and Sunday at 7.10pm.

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