Wright's a wrong'un

The stars of the hit reality show 'The Only Way is Essex' are finding out the hard way that fame isn't just a bed of willing Page 3 girls and lucrative endorsements. Mark Wright of the Essex-based show spent yesterday cooling his heels in the slammer after getting into a punch up with local Essex gangsters who apparently fire-bombed his bar last year. Jack Tweed's brother Lewis was also involved.

A chatty by-stander told The Sun, 'It was like a red rag to a bull for Mark and fighting started. Punches were thrown before worried club-goers called police.'

Wright and Tweed were both taken to Ilford clink after their arrest, and a spokesman for the OWIE star protested that he'd merely been 'protecting his nightclub'. Wright recently threw a New Years Eve party at his Essex joint, charging £500 for the pleasure of rubbing shoulders with the orange minor celeb.

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