Wright pops the question to Lauren

Playboy Mark Wright has made a name for himself since starring in 'The Only Way Is Essex' as a bit of a chump with an eye for the ladies. And in true ladykiller fashion, Mark has incurred the wrath of his recent ex girlfriend Kayla Collins, of 'I'm A Celeb' fame, by proposing to his former flame Lauren Goodger. Handily, this all happened just in time for the new series of 'TOWIE' to kick off.

Kayla told The Sun,'He's making a mistake. I texted him to tell him. If he keeps wasting time with Lauren, he'll be unhappy. I don't think marriage could revive them. I think that if they didn't have a show following their lives, they wouldn't be doing something so irrational. I was praising Mark last week, saying there's a possibility we could get back together, so I'm shocked he ran back to Lauren.'

The second series of 'The only way is Essex' started last week, bringing in over 1 million viewers. To put that into perspective, that's approximately 1000 times more pairs of eyes than Peaches Geldof's agony aunt show reached...

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