Wracked with guilt

Cheryl Tweedy’s close ‘friend’ Derek Hough is apparently so cut up with guilt at the fact she caught malaria while on holiday with him in Tanzania that he has given up work to look after her. Sleazy tabloids got this earth-shattering info by getting in touch with Hough’s stepdad Aaron Nelson, who certainly doesn’t know the meaning of ‘no comment’.

Nelson, who raised the dancer and lives in Las Vegas with his mother, said (along with insisting he and Tweedy are an item: ‘He really loves her.’ He also blurted that Derek called his mum in tears after visiting Tweedy at London’s Hospital for Tropical Diseases, saying that he was turning down all work offers to take care of her full-time.

‘Derek feels guilty,’ said Nelson to The Sun. ‘He is very distressed about all this. He feels he has done this to her. He rang his mom yesterday in tears. Derek feels it's all his fault. He organised the holiday as something wonderful. For it to end up like this is terrible. He feels dreadful.’ And so he should; after all, it is ALL HIS FAULT.

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