Would a curfew kill Kate Moss?

Kate Moss is back on the (broken) record saying that she and Kills guitarist Jamie ‘Does anyone care about the Kills anymore’ Hince are ABSOLUTELY FINE THANKS.

Kate claims she will tone down her partying in a bid to save the (clearly very healthy) relationship which has been, allegedly, a bit rocky.

The cause of the couple’s demise has refutably been Kate’s hedonistic life style, evidently Jamie prefers a quiet night in to sauntering about in nightclubs with a supermodel. Airbrushed Kate and Questionably Handsome Jamie have been papped having domestics all over town, way to keep it on the DL kids.

Jamie is set to return from The Kill’s US tour this week, presumably having had a series of early nights, Kate is reported to be ‘pleased’. Other sources have suggested that the cause of the ruckus, far from being Kate’s penchant for a piss-up, is actually Jamie’s unwillingness to bake his bun in her underweight oven while The Kills are ‘doing well’. Here’s hoping he changes his mind, I think we will all agree that what the world needs right now is another celebrity baby. Bang her Jamie, do it for England, or at least for the staff of Bungalow 8, who could probably do with a night off from the fights.

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