Wossy’s Christmas treat

We all know the media vengeance for Jonathan Ross has been a little OTT to say the least. Yes, he got paid silly money to be the Beeb’s darling and then messed it up for all of us because of a phone call *yawn*. Anyway, Wossy’s persona has always been a loyal family man surrounded by his kids and a farm yard full of animals, he’s also a MASSIVE fan of Christmas, something which he proved today (30th Nov) on Twitter.

Within the space of about an hour he flippantly tweeted about how he loves Christmas, and then announced plans to set up a lovely big festive bash for charidee at a venue in London. He first wrote; ‘OK. Lets do something great with Twitter this Christmas, any ideas? For a start it needs decorating, but how about a charity idea?’, which quickly finished with him calling a friend at Camden music venue KOKO, booking that, lining-up a series of bands and comics (tba) with entry to all those who simply bring a ‘wrapped gift’ for someone who needs it. Truly wonderful.

The unnamed Wossy Xmas Twitter event will take place on December 19th. Take that Daily Mail!

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