Wossy to host Comedy Awards

Russell Brand is off chasing women on the studio forecourts of LA, Wossy is in hiding, the satanic slut is in a dungeon counting her hard-earned cash and Manuel is presumably in a kitchen still yelping “Que?” – it’s all gone a little too quiet in the last week for our liking in the Waiter-gate farce. But there appears to be one final twist to be twust.

According to The Mirror, Jonathan Ross may still host of this year’s British Comedy Awards.

"Julian Clary and Stephen Fry have rejected it, Alan Carr is in a golden handcuffs deal with Channel 4 and Jimmy Carr is a friend of Wossy. The best option seems to be trying to persuade Jonathan to reconsider" said an insider.

Big bag of cash, 2 hours work, surely the Sachs-offender couldn’t say no? Actually that’s one of the words he can say.

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