Wossy outrages the masses again

So Jonathan Ross has been back on air all of 5 minutes and there are already fresh calls for his head to roll. This time Wossy's in the poo-poo for making reference to sex with an 80 year old pensioner.

Ross made the crack on his BBC Radio 2 show after producer Andy Davies told an anecdote about being harangued by an elderly lady in Spain. Ross quipped; “Eighty, oh God. I think you should, just for charity. Give her one last night, will you? One last night before the grave. Would it kill you?”

Little did he know that a man claiming to be the son of the real life granny was listening. Doing what any good citizen would the man contacted The News Of The World to register his outrage at Ross' treatment of the Alzheimers afflicted pensioner (who may or may not be the real life granny) and a cluster of moral guardians including Tory MPs have called for Ross to resign.

In order for Ross to avoid outraging the moral masses again, he'll either have to steer clear of...jokes, or give up altogether and become a weatherman. But the fact that his ratings were up 1mill after Friday's Tonight With' must count for something....

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