Wossy leaves the Beeb

So the loose lipped funnyman has handed in his notice in at the Beeb, and before you can say, 'was it anything to do with his 50% paycut?', no, it wasn't anything to do with his 50% pay cut. According to Wossy he left because of a sluggish attitude to creativity at the Beeb and 'other considerations' - which he is yet to outline. A Guardian source said Beeb director Mark Thompson wasn't a 'fan' of Ross's.

Luckily for Jonathon he may have a juicy career in the States to fall back on; he hinted on his Twitter that he had spoken to 'someone in LA'. Being wooed by the States will earn him more sacks of the green stuff in half an hour than the Beeb have got in their entire yearly budget. So when you said you're not leaving because of money Jonathon.....

According to The Sun, though, it was the Beeb that gave Wossy the boot. They had been considering putting him out to pasture at the end of his contract in July for some time, due to mudslinging over Sachsgate and general bad behaviour. The fact that Jonathon is quoted as saying that he's 'sorry that he can't carry on making the programmes he loves' suggests there may be a smidgen of truth in this. Graham Norton is the hot favourite to fill Wossy's Friday night boots, (who else?) and has already locked himself into a £4 mill contract with the BBC until 2012.

Wossy, it's been great, but all good omnipresidencies have to come to an end. Plus, much as there have been some great guests on Friday Night With... the format was getting a little tired...

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