Wossy and Brucey: verbal bloodbath

When two of the biggest stars on British telly met for a Channel 4 show this week it was like that Large Hadron Collider thingy in Switzerland (if it worked) had exploded. In short, there was an almighty big bang.

Brucey and Wossy took part in the channel’s new show Comedy Roast and during filming the pair gave each other a good verbal roasting. Things got heated when Wossy laid into Brucie by saying: ‘He wasn't a pretty baby, but he did grow up to be a f***ing ugly adult. I know a lot of you are thinking why hasn't he become a knight of the realm? I think I can solve that, look back at his shows, he has done an awful lot of s**t.’ Ouch.

Don’t feel sorry for the ugly adult, though - he took it on that big chin of his quickly retorting with: ‘My true showbiz friends who would have loved to be here tonight are dead. Yes Jonathan, Eric Morecambe would have torn you to pieces tonight. And Eric would have mentioned his long and varied career, unlike yours. All washed up and you're not even 50 yet.’

Jimmy Carr, Sean Lock and Jack Dee also feature on the show which, if you haven’t already guessed is all about giving your fellow guests a good roasting. Comedy Roast airs on Channel 4 at 10pm on April 7th.

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