Worth The Wait?

Over the last few days the rumour mill has gone into overdrive over which celebs/non celebs would be entering the jungle this year. Big names such as Pamela Anderson, Vinnie Jones and Rik Mayall (OK, they were the biggest) were whizzed about. Well after literally minutes of speculation in this office, the line up for ‘I’m A Celebrity...Get Me Out Of Here’ has been announced. Fans of cheap makeover shows, old Page 3 girls and forgotten about popstars won’t be disappointed.....

Lucy Benjamin (old Eastender actress)
George Hamilton (old American actor)
Stuart Manning (old Hollyoaks actor)
Sam Fox (old Page 3 girl)
Colin McAllister and Justin Ryan (old TV makeover duo)
Sabrina Washington (old Mis-Teeq member)
Camilla Dallerup (old Strictly Come Dancing champ)
Jimmy White (old snooker player)
Kim Woodburn (old How Clean Is Your House lady)
Gino D'Acampo (old chef)
Katie Price (Confirmed to be entering after the first week)

Well, that’s it. Like them or lump them, we’ll be watching this sorry lot lose their dignity on live national telly for the next few weeks. ‘I’m A Celebrity...Get Me Out Of Here!’ starts this Sunday at 9pm on ITV1.

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