Wormed his way back

Love rat Ronan Keating has apparently been given the chance to save his marriage after his wife Yvonne agreed to give it another go for the sake of their three children. The Boyzone star’s marriage was rocked by his infidelity, and earlier on in the week it looked as though his dalliance with 26-year-old backing dancer Francine Cornell would end it for good, but after begging for forgiveness he was given another chance.

Cornell herself was less than happy with the way Keating had behaved once their affair came out, saying that she was hung out to dry. ‘Ronan pursued me and said he loved me so many times,' she reportedly said to a friend, according to The Sunday Mirror. 'But when it really mattered, he just couldn't drop me quick enough. He's used me and left me high and dry. I left my boyfriend so I could be with him – it was Ronan who was cheating on his partner but I'm the one being crucified.’

‘Yvonne has made the huge step of admitting she is not ready to give up on the marriage but that doesn't mean she is forgiving him,’ said a source to the tabloid. ‘The pair have been locked in talks for days.

‘He has told her, 'I know things won't ever get back to normal, but I will do anything to make this work'. Yvonne is still desperately hurt, but she and Ronan are both very conscious of their kids, and they are trying to be as normal as possible.’

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