Women Of The Year Awards

Katie Price and Kerry Katona are no doubt ecstatic to both receive Women Of The Year Awards. Unfortunately for them, their awards are for the two categories noone normal actually wants to win.

Publicity shy Price bagged the much coveted ‘Worst Dressed’ woman of the year whilst the talented Kerry Katona was given the proud title of ‘Biggest Disaster’.

Compiled by iVillage, the annual list wasn’t all bad news for celebs of the female variety: part time Girls Alouder Cheryl Cole beat fellow X-Factor judge Dannii Minogue in the ‘Best Dressed’ category with 26.3% of votes to the Aussie’s 25.1%.

The First Lady of The White House took home the ‘Most Inspirational’ gong, whilst Marge Simpson won a closely fought battle between, er, no one else in the ‘Best TV Character’ category.

Here's the full list, and remember, it’s the taking part that counts...

Best Mother: Michelle Obama
Best Dressed: Cheryl Cole
Worst Dressed: Katie Price
Biggest Disaster: Kerry Katona
Best Cougar: Demi Moore
Best Newcomer: Alexandra Burke
Best Comeback Queen: Whitney
Best Entertainer: Holly Willoughby
Best TV Character: Marge Simpson - The Simpsons
Most Inspirational: Michelle Obama

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