Woman of the Year?

Cheryl Tweedy’s (we can start calling her that again, can’t we?) career trajectory has been something of a weird one: she started out as a hopeful on a talent show for a not-very-promising girl band, which then turned out to be not half bad; from there she kind of muddled around as a relatively famous pop star, as notable for beating up a toilet attendant as for anything else she did; then she married Ashley Cole, which made her the butt of many a joke, before his cheating ways went public and elevated her to ‘national treasure’ and ‘saint’ status.

Well now she’s been awarded with the biggest prize of them all – the Glamour Woman of the Year award. She appears to have won this award on the strength of her being treated badly by her husband, and unless she was secretly clearing minefields in Africa, may we be the first to say that this awards ceremony is a load of old rubbish, designed for celebs to go out and get ratted on someone else's credit card.

‘Things are great! I'm having a fantastic time,’ she wibbled to some Sun bods last night, wearing a preposterously expensive gown. ‘I'm so proud to be named Woman of the Year. It's good to be on a night out with so many talented women.’ Yeah, yeah, yeah.

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