Wogan hints at TV return

Legendary broadcaster Terry Wogan has revealed that he has received 'various offers' about a possible return to TV following Jonathon Ross' decision to leave the BBC.

The 71-year-old, who was back on the radio this morning with his new Sunday morning show just a couple of months after leaving his early morning slot on Radio 2, presented the popular chat show 'Wogan' back in the 80s.

Speaking during an interview with Andrew Marr Wogan hinted about a possible return to TV: 'I'm well stricken in years Andrew, it will happen to you as well. The thing is I have had various offers and I'm thinking about it but I'm 71 years of age, I'd like to take it a bit more easily.'

'But I'm still open to doing interesting things,' the Irish presenter added. Elsewhere Wogan declined to pass judgement on Chris Evans, his replacement on his Radio 2 slot, but did say that there is no 'quick fix' in broadcasting.

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