Wino's generousity rankles Mitch

If you had an incredibly famous, millionairess friend, would you be guilty of the odd bit of freeloading? Go on, yes you would, it's human nature! Well, Amy Winehouse's Dad Mitch has had enough of people sponging off his famous daughter and has allegedly sent a particularly serious offender packing from St Lucia.

Amy's long time pal, and hilariously named Violetta Thalia has been indugling in all day drinking sessions at the expense of Wino's tab. A source said; “Amy performs for the first time in ages at the St Lucia Jazz Festival this week. Mitch knows she has to get it right. He doesn’t want Amy to be lonely but he doesn’t see why she should pay for mates to have a good time.”

Which is true, she does need to knuckle down and make some cash, but at the same time, who cares if she buys her mates drinks - isn't sharing the wealth what being young, fabulous and famous is all about? Sounds like someone's got cobwebs in his pockets....

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