Wino wraps it up

So you've got to send a 'deepest sympathy' card to someone, what's it to be? A quick trip to Clintons for something heartfelt and floral? Or a nice card with Amy Winehouse's gap toothed mug and 'Back to Black' written all over it? Well the latter may soon become a reality after the news that Wino's people have given the nod to a new range of Amy accessories, including cards and wrapping paper all bearing the singer's face and song lyrics.

A source said: “The first item in the Winehouse range will be wrapping paper with the chorus of Rehab emblazoned all over it. The Amy-branded cards are classy too. You Know I’m No Good is best for heartfelt apologies and Back To Black, with an appropriate wreath, will be the respectful response to a bereavement.” A spokesperson from EMI put it in more monetary terms: “We are looking to create innovative revenue streams from our songs with mainstream retailers and the Amy wrapping paper and gift cards received a very positive response. These are songs which already have a great resonance with the public.”

While it might not exactly be the appropriate wrapping for a bereavement wreath, the Wino accessories will probably sell like hotcakes over Chrimbo when comedy wrapping / cards really come into their own. It will likely be popular on the celebrity rehab circuit too. Surely a cracking new album from the wayward chantuese would be an easier way of topping up the coffers though? Come on Amy luv, pull your finger out.....

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