Wino walks

Not only has she kicked crack, Wino has karate kicked the judicial system in the face after being found not guilty of assaulting a dancer last year. Wino was hauled into the dock after burlesque dancer Sherene Flash accused the singer of punching her in the eye after an incident at the Prince's Trust Ball in Berkeley Square, London, last year. Flash claimed that she asked to have her picture taken with Amy only for the Back to Black singer to clock her one.

Wino maintained that she had in fact become intimidated by the over-eager fan and simply pushed her away after Flash had put her arm round her.

In what could be the most down with the kids summing up statement ever, Amy's lawyer Patrick Gibbs showed he knows his strappies from his flats when he said: "Five foot seven in burlesque heels places you at quite an advantage over five foot two in ballet pumps." The judge agreed, concluding, "having heard the evidence from all the witnesses, I cannot be sure that this was not an accident. The charge is dismissed and the defendant discharged."

Amy told reporters she was 'relieved' to be going home. What with that out of the way and a new perfume about to be launched, can Amy finally get back to what she does best? Here's hoping.

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