Wino to appear on Strictly Come Dancing

As the battle of primetime telly heats up between Strictly Come Dancing (BBC1) and The X-Factor (ITV1), Strictly Come Dancing have confirmed that Amy Winehouse is to appear on the show.

Wino, who hasn’t performed live on UK TV for, well, bleeding ages will be providing BVs (backing vocals) for her goddaughter Dionne Bromfield; "Amy and I both love Strictly Come Dancing” said the 13 year old, “I watch it every single Saturday, so it was brilliant to find out I'll be on TV for the first time singing on one of my favourite shows.”

Talking to the Radio Times Wino said; "She's so much better than I was at her age, I'm so proud - she's my number one."

Robbie Williams is performing on the first of the X-Factor live finals this Saturday (10 Oct). It’s not yet known which date Wino Jnr. will be on Strictly Come Dancing. Watch this space.

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