Wino offered first film role

So she never quite got round to recording the theme-tune for Quantom of Solace and she's ruined many a live gig by being high on crack or pissed as a lord, but former drugs dustbin turned nuisance holiday-maker Amy Winehouse has reportedly been offered her first film role.

The offer, courtesy of Universal Pictures would see Amy play a music teacher in an inner city school (think Freedom Writers meets Dangerous Minds) with wet fish Jonathon Rhy Meyers rumoured to co-star. While Wino should have no problem pulling a decent singing voice out of the bag (provided she's compesmentus) it's not known how she'll fare with the acting.

“She has been offered an acting coach called Matt Ryan from the Royal Academy of Music Theatre Department in London. But she needs to improve her health and state of mind, or the opportunity will be withdrawn. You can’t have a teacher looking like a scrawny crack addict. It’s hoped the offer will be an incentive for her” a source told The Sun.

Amy has recently been spotted in the St Lucia resort she's detoxing in creeping around on all fours and stealing fellow guests' drinks.

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