Wino and The Hoff: kindred spirits?

David Hasselhoff’s alcohol abuse won't be any surprise to anyone who’s seen the faintly disturbing video of him struggling to eat a hamburger while out of his face, with his crying daughter not understanding what’s going on in the background. Only Keifer Sutherland is more well known as a serious boozer, although he hasn’t checked himself into a clinic to sort himself out yet.

Hasselhoff has however, after a string of drink-related gaffs put his quaffing in the public eye. The experience has made him feel like Amy Winehouse’s kindred spirit, and with the former Knight Rider and Baywatch star’s own (Austrian) pop star status undoubted, who can argue with the man? (Note: he actually makes a good point about alcoholism, so read on, binge drinkers.)

‘The problem that I've experienced in my own life and some of the stuff that's been documented about Amy is a universal problem,’ he proffered. ‘It's an illness. You don't wake up in the morning and decide to have this problem.’

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