Winkle's co-picker

Jonathan Ross and that lugubrious fellow Barry Norman (we love people with two first names) were allowed to host Film 2010 all by themselves, but you didn't think that a female would be up to the same task, did you? Of course not, which is why Claudia Winkleman has been given a male sidekick to help her out with the long words. The sidekick goes by the name of Danny Leigh, and he used to write for The Guardian, so will be able to throw in references to Godard whilst discussing Eat Pray Love.

Claudia said (while gritting her teeth), 'I'm completely over the moon about Danny joining the team. He's going to be a fantastic companion discussing all things film - from the latestHollywood blockbuster to independent art-house cinema. We're even going to discuss the merits of Speed 2 at the weekends - I'm being perfectly serious.'

While Danny got his own turn to gush for publicity saying, 'Having been lucky enough to spend a chunk of the years since writing about film for a living, it entirely boggles my mind to have the chance to co-host the show now. I'm really looking forward to working with Claudia and we'll have something for everyone from the casual Wednesday night passer-by to the most well-informed and passionate film fanatic.'

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