Winemouse - Amy and Pete have fun with animals

So Amy and Pete took off to Pete's Wiltshire home for the weekend to lie low for a bit. And what did they get up to? Talking broken French and playing with baby mice.

Winemouse is the latest scandal to plague Amy and Pete - after clips of them having fun with the baby animals were posted on You Tube this weekend.

Pete and Amy make baby voices and speak in whispers as they pick up and stroke the tiny creatures - 'Wibbly wibble' says Pete, pawing one affectionately before gasping 'oh my gawd you can see his veins an all'.

'Oh this one's got a message for Blake' says Amy listening to the new born's message. 'Blake, pwease don't divorce Amy - she loves you so very so'. Then, dangling the baby mouse to the camera, 'oh wait, my big brother wants to say something, 'yeh you do divorce her you'll have me to deal wiv' pipes up Pete.

Winemouse take 2, is much the same, only this time conducted in GCSE French (Amy and Pete have a French pal with them) - and with a cat prowling hungrily near the mouse cage.

Apart from attacks by animal lovers (who point out mice mothers often eat their own young once contaminated by human touch), the most worrying thing about the video has to be Pete's mockney accent. The 'oh my gawd's' are verging on comical - could Guy Ritchie finally have met his match?
Winemouse - take 1
Winemouse in French - take 2

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