Winehouse vs er, Enrique Igesias

A sure sign that a celebrity has proceeded from the ranks of 'eccentric', to just 'plain batty', is when they pick unlikely stars to feud with. All compos-mentis celebs know the value of a good A-list feud - Madonna vs Gwynnie for example - but Amy Winehouse, in choosing to incur that wrath of erm, Enrique 'hero' Iglesias, has shown that she's just not taking her celeb vows seriously.

The boozy crooness made Enrique very cross indeed by turning up to the leaving bash of Universal head Lucian Grainge, drunk, and while Iglesias was emoting up on stage, proceeded to laugh and shout, distracting poor Enri'.

According to The Mirror, Iglesias was reduced to pleading,'Guys, come on! There’s too much noise. It’s like playing at a f**king Russian wedding but we don’t get paid. This is Lucian Grainge - come on!'

Yeah, man, this is like Lucian Grainge - come on, what were you thinking? Er, who?

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