Winehouse ex Traviss faces rape charges

Amy Winehouse’s ex-fiance Reg Traviss is facing two charges of rape in an ongoing case at Southwark Crown Court. The prosecution alleges that the 35 year-old film director raped a friend twice while she was sleeping at his flat in Marylebone.

The prosecution’s account alleges that the woman awoke to find Traviss was raping her. She made him stop, but passed out again after drinking more wine. She later awoke to find him raping her again, the court was told.

The woman remembered coming out of a spell of unconsciousness to hear Traviss saying: "Oh, I always wanted to do this to you." She told the police: "It felt just like a bad dream." The prosecutor Katherine Lumsdon told the jury: "She said she would not have consented to sex even if she had been conscious."

The woman, giving evidence from behind a screen, said she had been drinking cocktails, shots and rum and Coke on a night out with Traviss. The prosecutor told the court: "She asked Reg to put her in a cab so that she could go home. He suggested she stay at his as it was closer. She was also aware that a black cab was unlikely to take her as she couldn’t stand. She remembers him asking, 'Would you like to stay at mine?' She does not remember her reply, but assumes she said yes. That’s the last thing she remembers before waking up in his bed."

The court heard further details from the incident. As she got dressed the following day, the woman could not find her underwear and asked Traviss if he had seen it. He allegedly replied: "I actually want to keep them."

Traviss was engaged to Winehouse and the couple were making plans for a wedding when the singer died from alcohol poisoning in July 2011.

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