Winehouse back to her old tricks

A mere five hours after being pictured looking sane, healthy and happy with her new Ronnie Kray-a-like boyfriend, Amy Winehouse throws all talk of 'reformed ways' straight out of the East End pub window. Winehouse spent the evening in Soho, getting plastered, posing for the paps looking like a bit of a mentalist, and handing out sloppy kisses to all and sundry.

According to The Sun, Amy 'consumed plenty of booze and, judging by her complexion, a few pints of Tango too. There was also lots of pouting, posing, cleavage exposing and kissing random strangers - both male and female.'

Oh come on Wino - this is getting very tiresome. Don't you know that 2010 is the year you're supposed to start reading Good Housekeeping, settle down, and tend to your allotment?

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