Winehouse and Fielder-Civil set for reunion

Amy Winehouse and Blake Fielder-Civil could be set for a dramatic reunion according to reports in a number of tabloids over the weekend.

Fielder-Civil told the News of the World that he has been in contact with Winehouse just weeks after the troubled couple were granted a divorce on the grounds of the London singer's adultery.

The former jailbird told the tabloid that Winehouse has called him at his rehab facility in Sheffield and that there is a chance the pair will get back together.

'We've been talking for the first time in months' claims Blake. 'I love her as much as ever. I know she still loves me, even though we're getting divorced', he said.

'Maybe this time we can do everything properly and not mess it up. She is looking beautiful and healthy now and it reminds me of the old Amy. She has been wearing my engagement ring and it meant an awful lot', he added.

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