Win a date with George Clooney

Barack Obama may have come up with a decisive move to attract money for his Presidential campaign. Women across the USA will be feverishly hunting for spare cash at the news that Obama is offering campaign contributors the chance of a dinner-date with George Clooney.

The price of entry for the dream date starts from as little as $3. All contributors to the Democratic Party fund will be entered into a draw to win a place at the fund-raising event that will be staged at Clooney’s Los Angeles mansion on May 10. Oh, and Obama will be there too.

Clooney fans who want to eliminate the hazards of chance can stump up around $40,000 for an assured place at the dinner. The event is expected to raise around $6 million towards the costs of getting Obama re-elected.

Clooney has been a conspicuous supporter of the Democratic Party throughout his career, and is a fan of the President, who he says is doing "a great job". "I'm a Democrat and I'm a supporter of the president,” Clooney said, "so I hope he has a successful election."

Clooney is not always an enthusiastic cheerleader for the American state. His recent arrest followed a demonstration to highlight the situation in Sudan, in an attempt to persuade the American government to act.

His support for the Presidential campaign though can only help Obama’s already-considerable appeal to women voters, many of them put off by challenger Mitt Romney’s recent swing towards a far-right stance on women’s rights.

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