Wills and Kate's secret life

William and Kate seem to live their lives in front of the world's camera phones, with everyone desperate to examine every word, step and smile. But what do the Royal pair get up to when the cameras are switched off? Well, sit back, relax and let us fill you in... (Warning: it's not very exciting, and is certainly less interesting than what you do at the weekends.)

A source told OK! magazine, 'Kate thinks it’s very important to create a warm home for the two of them. She loves to cook, and she likes to have a meal waiting for William when he gets home from work. They’re actually surprisingly normal and down to earth when the cameras are off. Kate has been a great influence on William in that way. She’s introduced him to a simpler, easier way of life and he loves it. They like to watch movies, sleep in and have nice meals at home.' William and Kate in 'eating food, sleeping and watching films' shocker.

The royal watcher also revealed that although William and Kate feel under pressure to produce an heir, they are determined to enjoy their last few years of freedom before getting down to the serious act of breeding. The source said, 'Everyone is breathing down their necks about having a baby, but they are just content to enjoy this time.'

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