'Will.i.ever find love again?' worries Cheryl

Cad Ashley Cole's antics were enough to make any girl renounce the male species for good, and it looks like his philandering has made the world's most eligible popette think twice about love - despite having the twin temptations of Will.i.am and a bloke called Derek (who is apparently on US TV's Dancing with the Stars), courting Cheryl.

A source told the The News of the World, 'It's mad, but she feels washed up at 26. Cheryl has convinced herself she's not going to find another man. It's consuming her at the moment - and it's one of the reasons why she hasn't decided she'll definitely divorce Ashley. She wants love in her life, but she feels there's so much pressure on her and worries about how she could ever go on a date with someone else.'

'Derek and Will.i.am are both desperate to take her on dates but she feels she has to lock herself indoors. It's so unfair. Cheryl's done nothing wrong but Ashley goes out and is surrounded by a big group of girls while he laps up all the attention'

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