Will.i.am's 'target the mum' wooing strategy

Will.i.am is pulling out every stop in the stop bag to woo Chery Cole - including the fail safe strategy of shamelessly flattering the mum. Will.i.am told The Sun: 'Joan is a great lady. You can see why Cheryl is such a good girl, she gets it from her mum. Cheryl's mum is behind our friendship. I think anybody that will look after her little girl and protect her - after the last few months she has had - is only a good thing in her mum's eyes.'

Will.i.am continues to suck up in his best mum-impressing mode: 'The most important thing for Cheryl at the moment is to have a man around her who she can trust and who makes her laugh. I promised mum that's what I'm doing. We couldn't ask for a better supporting act than Cheryl, the crowd absolutely love her and she really is a princess in the British peoples' eyes. I am having a great time working with her, but I already knew that I would anyway. We are having a great time during the show, but also a great time after.'

Ooh hint hint - a great time after? Wonder what that could mean? Subtle work i.am.

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