Will.i.am's coming to dinner

During the tedious saga of Cheryl Cole chucking her love rat husband Ashley, there was a little rumour that Will.i.am had developed something of a crush on the Geordie songstress, and was thinking of moving in on her. It’s the sort of flim-flam that you don’t really believe, but that needs writing anyway.

Well, it actually looks like that it could be true, if Grazie magazine is to be believed (yes, yes, it probably shouldn’t, but what the hell). They have claimed that as well as offering ‘support’ following the split from her husband, he has also asked her to join him at a big family do of his, something you don’t do unless you have a plan to be removing undercrackers at a later date.

‘He has asked Cheryl to fly out to Los Angeles for a secret date with him over Easter,’ said a source to the mag. ‘He's having a big family get-together and he wants her to be there.’ What a hound.

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