William Kate-speare

Many's the time we've dreamt about being a fly on the wall of Kate Moss's glamourous, decadent and highly messy life; at the 30th birthday in which the model hired the whole of Claridges and partied for days straight; backstage at every Glasto for the last two decades, the Doherty disaster... Well our wish has finally been fulfilled: according to Perez Hilton, the party worshipping lady is writing a play with her beau Jamie Hince.

A source said, 'Jamie is addicted to playwriting and is always jotting down scenes. He mentioned an idea to Kate, based around the lives of her and her friends - and Kate leapt at the chance to get involved. The script is edgy, and could get a few celebs in trouble. Kate may have to tone things down.'

Wonderful news, now who could play the lead female role? We hear Gillian Taylforth might be available...

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