Will there be a winner-takes-all player in the Social TV space?

Web monopolies seem to be a growing trend. Despite the great deal of choice for entertainment, shopping and networking online, certain companies and organisations have established themselves as the big players in a winner-takes-all environment.

For example:

  • Google still rules search – with 91% of all search queries in the UK made through the search giant. And that’s despite a recent high profile, multi-million pound advertising campaign from second-place Bing.
  • Facebook thoroughly dominates the social networking landscape. An estimated 90% of all social networking time is spent on it – and it’s the second most visited site on the web (behind Google in first place).
  • In e-commerce, Amazon has accomplished a similar feat. It churns out around US $1 billion a year in profits, taking around one third of all online retail sales in the US.

And there are more examples: Wikipedia, Google Maps, Paypal, Skype... all of which leave their closest competitors miles behind.

This makes for an interesting analysis of the emerging social TV arena. Because social TV is a developing market, there is still much to play for among the promising contenders.

Among them, Getglue and videOMG are two of the most exciting new players. GetGlue is a social entertainment site for mobile devices. Users can “check-in” to let their friends know what they’re watching or listening to. Given the seemingly ever-increasing popularity of mobile devices, GetGlue could be in a good position to establish market dominance.

videOMG could also be a stand-out service, especially given its use of collaborative channels to organise and help users find movies, videos and TV shows. In this way, the service allows users to find, recommend and share entertainment with friends – in a very intuitive matter that is likely to prove a big hit with users.

Only time will tell who, if anyone, will be the winner-takes-all in the social TV landscape – but if previous web monopoly patterns are anything to go by, we are likely to see one emerge within the next three years.

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