Will the council of celebrity demote JLo?

Oh dear, this is very worrying. J-Lo has just broken the cardinal rule of the A-list, and has actually leaked information to the press, in order to garner attention. You might be saying, 'yes, that's what all stars do, stupid' - but while it's fine for your average, common garden B-Z lister to do this (Katie Price, Peter Andre - we're talking about you), for a bone-fide star to engage in such behaviour is simply embarrassing.

According to Perez Hilton, J Lo and Marc Anthony leaked an invitation to a renewal of their wedding vows to the press. A source said: 'They wanted to celebrate their new home and their sixth anniversary by renewing their vows. They're excited about their new life together as a family in California and wanted to kick it off with a great party. Jen is very excited about sharing her special night with her family and friends.'

Once the council of celebrity hear about this, there's no knowing what they might do. We fear a demotion to join the ranks of Andre and 'Pricey' might be on the cards...

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