Wii Fit hoola hoop girl v Wii Fit dancing boyfriend

The hoola hooping Wii Fi girl claims to have been so mad with her boyfriend for secretly filming her hooping in her pants and then posting it on YouTube, she didn't speak to him for days - even if it can't have done her street cred much harm.

However although Miss Bernett's grind action is as slick as they come and her pants are nowhere near as bad as the beasts we often parade around in at home, apart from lots of hooping and a a satisfied smirk from her boyfriend at the end, nothing much happens.

Far more amusing is the below YouTube response, 'Why every girl should buy her boyfriend Wii Fit.' Nasty yellow pants and yucky dad dancing - who'll get the 6 figure Nintendo advertising deal?

Wii fit hoola hooping girl
Wii Fit dancing boyfriend

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