Why the Grim face?

Aiden Grimshaw, you remember him; the one with the cute face and grumpy persona who never smiled, and seemed to be channeling Donnie Darko throughout the live series. Either that, or Rhidian. Anyway, the loveable depressive has been given something to grin about, as apparently, he's been handed a dream ticket, in the shape of a recording contract from Simon's label, Syco. It's very rare for non-finalists to get the Cowell nod, even Rebecca Ferguson was turned down by Simon.

A source close to Simon told The Mirror (in a menacing fashion), 'This record deal is Aiden's to lose. If he can keep the fans happy he'll join his mate Matt Cardle as one of Simon's chosen few.'

See, it's good news Aiden - gissa smile, won't you?

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