Why so cagey?

Kate Moss caused a right old stir in gossip-website-land last week, with the news that she'd got hitched to long standing beau Jamie Hince. Then it transpired that, depsite her 'people' having confirmed the news, it had never happened. Odd. Now The Mirror brings us the news that the wedding *did* take place, though it was one of those mystical 'blessings' beloved of celebs - mainly because they're not legally binding and therefore the poorer partner can't grab any cash.

According to 'Clemmie', one of the Mirror's 3AM girls, a source close to the star (dubbed Ms X) became very cagey when quizzed about the wedding. 'When Ms X asked how I had found out about the hush-hush event, she let slip she was 'shocked' because there were 'so few people present' on the day,' explains Clemmie. 'Ms X then begged me not to run the story because Kate’s ‘people’ had managed to 'keep it out of the papers'. I told poor Ms X about photographs that were apparently on the market from the big day. She inadvertently confirmed she knew of their existence and joked that the person who had leaked them 'was going to get shot.'

Very mysterious indeed (said while stroking moustache), why so secretive Miss Moss? Sorry, Mrs Hince...

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