'Why I ditched Alex'

Our Katie Price is not one for subtlety. Many celebs ask for 'privacy', 'space' and all the usual gubbins following a break-up, but not 'Pricey', who sends a lengthy screed to the press, listing every single one of Alex Reid's faults, and all the details of the implosion. Truly, she is a gift to the tabloids.

Katie released a statement to The Sun saying, 'Alex changed from the man I fell in love with and some of his behaviour became difficult for me to understand and caused issues. I have tried to help him with these issues but they have put a considerable strain on our relationship.'

Katie continued, 'Our difficulties were also not helped by Alex becoming more fascinated by life in the media eye. Obviously I cannot be critical of someone wanting to do this and originally I tried to help him with his career by getting him contracts with my production company.'

Katie then touchingly let Alex know that he could continue making rubbish reality shows with her blessing, 'If Alex wants to honour those contracts the production company is more than happy to do so.' We're sure he's moved by the sentiment.

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